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If you’re thinking of filming in the Bradford District, we can offer advice on locations through to permissions and facilities for funded productions.


Joe Donaldson, producer on the latest series, created by Steven Knight, said:

“Bradford has some fantastic period buildings and locations that lend themselves perfectly to our filming needs. We are grateful to the city and to David Wilson and Film Council for welcoming the Peaky Blinders’ cast and crew.”

Peaky Blinders – series 4    

See the great Bradford location in the above clip – a disused warehouse in Little Germany, Bradford

Peaky Blinders Clapperboard

“We quickly decided that Saltaire was the perfect location for our film when we came up to see it.”

“Saltaire is cinematic. We have not had to build any sets, it is already here.”

“It has given us a snapshot of England that we don’t see any more. It is a picture postcard of what Yorkshire used to be like.”

– Kevin Proctor, Producer, Funny Cow

City Hall – Council Chamber was transformed into the House of Commons

King Charles III

A huge undertaking to use Haworth village and to rebuild the Bronte Parsonage to scale on Penistone Hill above Haworth.

To Walk Invisible, BBC One

Bradford locations: Ilkley Moor and Salts Mill, Saltaire.

Jeremy Dyson, Ghost Stories

Testament of Youth

“I have always enjoyed working in Bradford since ‘White Girl’ in 2008 & ‘The Damned United’ & ‘Red Riding’ in 2009. Since then the Bradford Film Office became established which created a one stop shop for Bradford film enquiries. It was a massive help to us on TESTAMENT OF YOUTH that on choosing to film in Little Germany. The Bradford Film Office was able to streamline production requests to the relevant authorities, all of whom were very engaged, supportive and ensured the successful creation of a 1939 set and successful filming thereon.”

— Charlie Thompson, Location Manager, Testament of Youth

“Yorkshire has breathtaking scenery and in and around Bradford there are a wealth of diverse landscapes. From scrubland to scrapyards we were able to find locations that perfectly suited the story of ‘The Selfish Giant.’ We worked with many local businesses; from horse suppliers to scrapyard owners to caterers and we found them all extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Not forgetting the City of Film office, who were extremely supportive of the project from the outset.”

— Tracy O’Riordan, Producer, The Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant
The Great Train Robbery

“Working in this region is a refreshing change from London. People here are very amenable to filming and greet the prospect with a high level of enthusiasm. We have been made to feel welcome in the Bradford District. The area has a lot to offer in terms of quality, locations, combined with a film friendly attitude. I look forward to working here again and RECOMMEND to other productions.”

— Joel Holmes, BBC1, The Great Train Robbery


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“Bradford has some great locations within quite close proximity. For the Syndicate 2 we used areas like Little Germany, City Park, Undercliffe Cemetery and Bradford College”

— Location Scout, Ben Hepworth of Prime Studios


“A big thank you to Bradford city of Film for all your invaluable help during the making of our two editions of Songs of Praise from Bradford you couldn’t have been more supportive, and we’re so grateful”

— Songs of Praise Producer, Gary Boon